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Our family has a tradition of cookie baking and sharing homemade "happies" with our loved ones during times of joy or sorrow or just to make someone smile. My habit of having fresh cookies ready right out of the oven as my children got off the school bus made a lasting impression. So, I expanded to sharing boxes of treats with neighbors, schoolmates, teachers, and friends.

When COVID and life events reshaped our circumstances, I turned to what I knew best. Now many pots and pans later, I am delighted to share these gift boxes stuffed with scratch-made yummies, mouth-watering desserts, and hand-selected keepsakes. From our Classic Chocolate Chipster to my son's new favorite, The Big Poppa Cookie, you will find something to warm your tummy and your heart in each Love in a Box.

Each gift reminds us to rest, to value family, to find joy— and most of all—to receive God's love. We focus on sharing love and crafting joy from our hearts to everyone who could use a little Love in a Box.

We invite you to share this tradition with your loved ones.

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